Hogue Recoil Pads

Hogue EZG™ and pre-sized recoil pads are made with an exclusive recoil reducing cushioned elastomer bonded to a super rigid polymer alloy base plate. Hogue pads feature computer designed internal cushion construction combined with a soft elastomer for the ultimate in recoil cushioning and control. The sleek shape of our pads is designed for use in the field where a combination of control and fast mounting is essential.

Hogue pre-sized pads are molded and pre-ground to mount on a flat surface and fit most common rifles and shotguns within .05 inch for easy do-it-yourself installation, eliminating the need for custom grinding to fit.

Our EZG recoil pads are available in three sizes and are designed to mount on a flat surface and can be ground to fit using standard disk or belt sanders. Both the cushioned rubber and base plate grind very cleanly and easily blending with your wood or synthetic stock and there are no steel inserts to run into.

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